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Guidelines for Witnessing
Meeting for Vassula Ryden

In order to help organizers prepare for Vassula's visits in the best possible way, we request that you send an email to

Organizer's Information for Witnessing Meeting for Vassula Ryden

send an email to:

Organizer's information for a TLIG Witnessing Meeting, without Vassula Ryden

send an email to:


Sign in Sheets

Please note that no other sign in sheet is to be used. The only information needed on these sheets is the:

email address
phone number

The information on these sign-in sheets is all that is needed. It is not necessary to ask any other questions on this sign-in sheet.

TLIG Dossier

The TLIG Dossier can be accessed at the Dossier File. You will see the posting in four languages; English, French, Spanish and Greek. This document can also be distributed to other religious and anyone you feel would benefit from the documentation.

Prayer Meeting Sign-Up Sheet

Use this handy Prayer Meeting Sign-Up Sheet to have people join in on your local prayer groups. Make additional photocopies of this page, if necessary.

Press Release


Updated Photo of VassulaPicture of Vassula

pdf file


These are to be displayed by the book table.

These posters measure 24" x 36" and should be backed by poster-board type material so that these posters stand rigid.

General informaiton about TLIG


General information about Beth Myriam

BM Collage

Pope Francis Receives
the Unity Book

Pope Francis Receives Unity Book