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Jesus Painted by Vassula, 2009
A high resolution picture can be downloaded either as a jpg or as an adobe pdf.
Jesus painted by Vassula

The Foundation for True Life in God has received the copyright on this image for exclusive use within True Life in God (TLIG).

In order for permission to be given for use of this picture, authorization will be granted on a case by case basis for each individual project.

Use of this image will be given only to projects that involve True Life in God. People involved in using this picture will be part of an officially recognised TLIG prayer group.

These projects are to be part of TLIG official use for print projects for promotion, publishing and prayer groups only and not for private individual use.

Please send an email for permission to use this image, submitting detailed information about your project.

For personal use, you can download the pdf file, and follow the instructions for purchasing individual copies of this image as well as other images painted by Vassula Ryden and another artist, Tereza Tectonidis. For international postal rates, email for postage rates for your country.

Go to for internet ordering.

Thank you.